Behind the scenes of my illustrations

I find the process of creating my illustrations quite intuitive. It’s based on trials and errors, and I go back and forth until I find the results that satisfy me.

As a conceptual illustrator, I work with ideas. The process itself is sometimes unpredictable.

I’ve experimented with different workflows until I found one that suits me.

When I work for newspapers and magazines, I usually have to extract ideas from a given text. I focus on the main topics of the article, but I also pay attention to concepts which attract my attention in that moment.


Then I try to link the different concept to different words. These could be synonymous or whatever the concept make me think about.


I tend to enjoy this part of the process because it let me think without restrictions. I will worry about how to represent them later on but in this part I just follow the flow.




When I identify an idea that might work, I start sketching.

Sometimes my intuition tells me almost immediately that the idea will work. Other times, the sketch shows many problems that I have to solve. And other times, the sketch confirms that the idea won’t work at all and it’s time to find another one.

The sketching process is also valuable because it generates additional ideas by itself.

So in other words I use this system as a guide but I trust my intuition the most. There are times where I even skip some of the steps because I have already a good idea to begin with. I have the tendency to save ideas for the future. If they are not suitable at the moment, I store them in a sketch-pad next to my desk and recover them later on. If you are curious I already talk about it here.


What is your process behind your works? Let me know in the comments box below!


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