Ready, Set, Scribble!

Often we associate scribbling with negative habits: it’s out of control, childish, messy, sloppy or wasteful. But it’s also great fun.  

When I was a child I used to play this game which I called “the scribble game” (or “il gioco dello scarabocchio” in Italian) with my friends.

We used to do a competition of who was drawing the most creative scribble drawing. We had so much fun!


The scribble game combines interactive and fun activity. 


Here’s how to play it…



  • Paper
  • Pens, pencils, crayons, or markers



  1. Each person scribbles something quick on their sheet of paper.
  2. Swap scribbles (or, if more than two people are playing, each can hand theirs to the person on their left).
  3. Look at the scribble in front of you to see what the lines suggest (you may want to turn it various ways to look at it from different angles).
  4. Finish the scribble drawing by adding your own lines and marks (use your creativity to guide you toward something personal and/or meaningful to you).



I had so much fun with this game and I had so many good memories that sometimes I want to incorporate this way of drawing in my illustrations.

Mostly it happens when I get stuck in the creation phase of an illustration. I would like to play with the composition but I don’t really know how to start.

In this case I just draw one or more scribbles and then I try to incorporate the idea of the illustration into it.



Unfortunately it could be time demanding, therefore I don’t do it when the design has to be done on a tight schedule.


How about you? Have you played the scribble drawing game? Let me know in the comments box below!

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