The art of recycling

During my time at my master in Bologna, my friend Irene used to say that I was very good at recycling. She was not wrong and today’s post is about this topic.

I’m not using the word “recycling” in the context of in-house waste management (sorting glass, tin, paper and discarded food in their dedicated bins).

I’m talking about my practice to use and adapt previous ideas for new projects. During my time at the art academy I’ve always tried to reuse some old projects for other exams. These could have been ideas already made but never realized and finalized. Sometimes the time wasn’t enough, other times the requirement for the exams were diverging too much from my initial idea. Nevertheless, I kept them aside for later use.

I didn’t do it for laziness as some of you might think right now. I did because I believed in that idea:


only because it wasn’t right for a project doesn’t mean it couldn’t be right for another one.


In The meaning of doodle I already anticipated that sometime I use my doodle ideas for some illustrations.


For example…



Brexit’s side effect was a rejected sketch from a past commission. When I had another one with a related topic, I adapted the illustration into a new one.



This behaviour of mine is well used during my collaboration with La Stampa, where different doodles that I’ve made are used as starting point for the illustration.



This is very helpful for me because it allows me to save time on finding the right idea, and every minute counts when you have to deliver your final version in about two hours!



Do you recycle too? Do you have other ways to be more time effective? Let me know in the comments box below!


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