Tools to stay in touch

I’ve never felt properly ready to contact art director with my portfolio.



But at some point I realised that you never do.

There won’t be any moments where you will feel that your portfolio is ready to be shown. At least it has been for me.


When I realised it, I developed a plan to contact art director and introduce myself.

First I decided the right medium. The quickiest and cheapest way was by emails and so I started to write a nice a short email which I could change for every contact on my personal database.


Personalise is the key.


Google is a great tool. If you don’t know the name of the art director, google it and personally address the email to him/her in the email.


Email has become the most important communication tool for our businesses.

Since I started I found two interesting websites which help me to find some email contacts.


Email Hunter

It gives you all the emails associated with a website. It works better for small websites.
Type the URL of a website, get all the associated emails.

→ Use Email Hunter


Talk Walker Alerts

Enter your name, a sentence or a surname and you will get an email every time it appears on the internet.
This is very useful to get notified when someone is talking about you, or to get updates from other people or words you want to follow.

→ Use Talk Walker Alerts


I’m sure there are many others similar website out there. Do you know any of them?  Let me know in the comments box below!


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