New year plans

I have always been a planning person but since I met my boyfriend I became even more. This could be a disadvantage sometimes if you need to improvise but luckily it doesn’t happen so often.

I really like have plans and stick with them when it’s possible. At the end of the week I feel more accomplished when I tick everything in my checklist and I already know what I need to do for the following week. I feel very organised.



At the beginning of the new year we always want to be better. We have a lot of good intensions, but we don’t think about the process and how we are going to achieve them.


The result in giving up very soon.


Having a plan help you to break the goals in different steps, which are more achievable. It’s like a long run: you don’t have to think about the whole length of the run. You need to break it in small parts.

Why planning?


When you start to plan you are transforming the intentions into actions. The goals become more and more real.


When I  plan I  ask myself these questions:

  • Why? Think about the reason you want that specific goal. If it’s not strong enough you will probably give up.


  • How? I break into small parts my goal and I think how I can achieve them.


  • When? The plan is made but when will you meet your goal? Put down a deadline for each step you wrote down. In this way you won’t procrastinate.


By sticking to the plan, you will create new habit which will be hard. The important part is to be persistent and keep in mind the reasons you want to achieve that goal.

To make my plans every week I use Evernote.

Evernote is a very useful free app which allow me to create tabs and notes. I can also share my note with other people and they can edit them too.




Ready for the New year? What are your goals? Let me know in the comments box below!

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