The role of memories in my work

Looking at the past, most of my projects and dissertations have been about memories. One of these projects has been already covered here.


But what is one of the most common ways that we use to store all our memories? As photographs.



I‘ve always been fascinated about our memory and how it works.


Let’s try to remember a holiday. Perhaps a BBQ or picnic with some friends. Obviously we can imagine the situation: a group of people around the grill in a park.


Let’s try to “fix” this scene and print it as a photograph. Can you remember exactly what your friends were wearing? What kind of trees there were in the park? Probably not. If you are able you probably remember some pieces of information but not really a very precise scene like it would be in a photograph.


Why is that? Because our brain has re-built a similar situation but not exactly the same.




Memory is like a big folder where you can save all your good and bad moments. But if you talk with different people who shared the same memory they will tell the same episode in different ways because they would recall it from their personal point of view.


During the years I found useful to bring my memories into my works.


But how?


I started to collect some of my family pictures and when I needed to look up to some references for some drawing, I would look to them.

Sometime I would find something, which inspire me. But this is not always the case.



My approach takes inspiration from Gerhard Richter, an artist from Germany.

One of his works consisted on collecting different photographs. Then he created the Atlas, a volume of 5000 images from around the world. These photographs are all from different sources, such as magazine, family pictures, sketches, painting landscape etc.. He created his own memory of the world.

He also used some photographs as a base for his paintings.


When I don’t find anything I look at different websites that provide some raw material, such as:


Have you ever use memories in a similar way? Do you have other websites to share? Let me know in the comments box below!


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