Collage for brainstorming

Brainstorming is a great way to begin thinking about an assignment. By writing ideas down on a page you can see what you remember about a given subject and draw connections between different concepts. You can write freely and make as messy as you like.


Finding the idea is usually the hardest part of every assignments for me, because I have to find the balance between not making it too abstract or  too obvious at the same time.


Therefore I usually start to do brainstorming as soon as possible because developing ideas can sometimes be a time-consuming process.

Diagrams and charts are great ways to not only write down what you know, but to visually make connections between important points. However these aren’t the only way.

When I have some free time I try to use collage for brainstorming.


Why collage?


There is a very strong connection between collage and storytelling. Throughout the long and varied history of collage art, one  concept has remained:


Fragments become a new whole with a new and bold meaning.


Storytelling, in the same way, takes fragmented events and creates  new and greater entity: the story.

When I use the collage I like to play with the image without thinking to much about the concept. When I think I have finished the different compositions I take a step back and pay attention to what I like of it.




In this collage I liked that the two images are linked and divided at the same time by an imaginary line. It’s like one part has slipped and trying to catch up with the other.

This idea worked very well with the  Legless Edbur  illustration. A guy who lost his legs but in the end, you will discover he didn’t lost his legs but something else….

I didn’t know the idea would work well for that assignment before but I  saved it either way on my sketchbook, or how I like to call it “doodlebook”. Then I waited for the right article to use it.

An other example is the one I did for Transform magazine. Here I liked the repetition of the ladies which you can see in both collage composition and illustration.

As you can see the inspiration from the collage could be literally the same illustration or just a small detail of it.  But it helps to think out of the box by keeping the concept of the article very clear in mind.

Do you have different ways to look for ideas? Let me know in the comments box below!

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