Inspirational listening

Grab your headphones, get your coffee and plug into inspiring podcasts.


Have you ever listen to a podcast? What about an illustration podcast?


Why  listen to a podcast?


I like having a podcast playing in the background while I work; I find it to be informative and relaxing.  Sometimes I don’t even listen so much but it makes you feel  less lonely when you sketch at home.


Because no illustrator is an island – Thomas James


Other times it helps to improve my  listening skills too.


I love podcasts because they boost creativity  and let you learn while multitasking.


They represent a simple solution for learning and inspiring while you are submersed on a busy schedule. That’s what podcasts offer.

One of the first podcast I listened was Escape Illustration Island  by Thomas James. I don’t even remember how I found it out but I loved it. I started from the beginning and, as you will see, there are tones of episodes!

My favourites ones are  with other illustrators or art directors, especially when they confess some fears   about our jobs.


It’s all about sharing.

With this podcast I had a chance to know new illustrators and artists who I might not have meet. I love their work and it is inspirational for me.

My experience…


I took part to two podcast too. If you are interested you can listen to one of them by Ryan McLeod, Creative Chit Chat. Here I talked about the process to built up my illustrator career and about my participation to the DCA Thomson exhibition in Dundee. This was also covered in my first post. Do you remember?


Do you have a favourite illustration podcast? Let me know in the comments box below!

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