How running influences my work

One time one of my running friends said:


Running: the greatest cause of positive attitude. 


It is completely true. Not only running of course, but it worked and it’s working for me.

Why did I start to run?

I started to run two years ago and since then I’ve never stopped. I was in a blue mood due to work: I didn’t have clear ideas on what to do and where to start. I was feeling the creative block since I finished my studies at the university.

When I started running I didn’t realise it would help my work too. At the beginning I was struggling A LOT but I kept going because I didn’t know any other sport I could do. After six month of running I started to get fitter and at the same time faster: I could see my progress! Yay!


My progression kept me going.


How did running influenced my work?

At the same time I started to have the same attitude in my illustration work: the only way to see your progression is to keep going and try to get better and better.

The key is: patience. It is hard to have it, right? At least it was for me…

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel frustrated ever again. Blue mood and creative blocks are always around the corner but you can always go through them planning little goals during the week or month.


To build the miles in the long run you have to add two or one miles a week. The same happened with my work: if I wanted to be better I had to go out of my confort zone a little bit every time.



You might not have any interests to run and it’s ok. But I would suggest to find that activity that make you feel positive and stick with it. If you manage even to have a bunch of friends to share it, it’s a win!



Do you run? Do you do other activities that influence you and your work? Please, let me know in the comments!


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