Meaning of shapes

How do you feel when you see a circle? A square? A triangle?


Shapes have a lot of characteristics, each communicating different messages to your audience.


In most of my illustrations I use basic shapes because I feel they are simple and strong at the same time.


What are the different types of shapes?


There are 3 basic types of shapes:

  • Geometric shapes are the most known shapes. Circles, squares, triangles, diamonds are geometric and regular. This regularity suggests organization, efficiency and structure.
  • Natural/Organic shapes are irregular. They have more curves and for this reason they tend to be pleasing and comforting.  They are asymmetrical and transmit feelings of spontaneity, they add interest and reinforce themes.
  • Abstract shapes have a recognizable form, but they are not real. They are stylized or simplified versions of organic shapes.  Icons, for example, are abstract shapes to represent ideas and concepts.


As you might have noticed the shape I prefer is the circle. I love they can transmit this sense of hospitality for who is inside but, at the same time, they can transmit the opposite if you are outside.


What are their different meanings?


Circles have no beginning or end.  They suggest completeness.

They are graceful and their curves are seen as feminine. Their movement suggests energy while their completeness suggests the infinite.

They protect and restrict at the same time: they offer safety.

Squares and rectangles are stable. They’re familiar and trusted shapes and suggest honesty. They have right angles and represent order, mathematics, rationality, and formality.

Triangles can be stable when sitting on their base or unstable when not. They represent dynamic tension, action, and aggression. Triangles have energy and power and their stable/unstable dynamic can suggest either conflict or steady strength.

Spirals are expressions of creativity.  Spirals move in either directions and represent returning to the same point on life’s journey.

In my “Project” (below) illustration I built the two characters around a single shapes, the heart. You might notice it (or not) but the message is transmitted also thanks to this simple shape.



Why do I use simple shapes?


I use simple shapes for my illustrations because they enable me to set a limit and push through it. It allows me to stylised my characters and be more relaxed with proportions or the “anatomy rules”.

Absurdly I feel freer and I enjoy more putting shapes limits because otherwise I would put too much attention on drawing the “right” proportions and anatomy. 


What shapes do you prefer?  Please, let me know in the comments!


How running influences my work

One time one of my running friends said:


Running: the greatest cause of positive attitude. 


It is completely true. Not only running of course, but it worked and it’s working for me.

Why did I start to run?

I started to run two years ago and since then I’ve never stopped. I was in a blue mood due to work: I didn’t have clear ideas on what to do and where to start. I was feeling the creative block since I finished my studies at the university.

When I started running I didn’t realise it would help my work too. At the beginning I was struggling A LOT but I kept going because I didn’t know any other sport I could do. After six month of running I started to get fitter and at the same time faster: I could see my progress! Yay!


My progression kept me going.


How did running influenced my work?

At the same time I started to have the same attitude in my illustration work: the only way to see your progression is to keep going and try to get better and better.

The key is: patience. It is hard to have it, right? At least it was for me…

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel frustrated ever again. Blue mood and creative blocks are always around the corner but you can always go through them planning little goals during the week or month.


To build the miles in the long run you have to add two or one miles a week. The same happened with my work: if I wanted to be better I had to go out of my confort zone a little bit every time.



You might not have any interests to run and it’s ok. But I would suggest to find that activity that make you feel positive and stick with it. If you manage even to have a bunch of friends to share it, it’s a win!



Do you run? Do you do other activities that influence you and your work? Please, let me know in the comments!


The Dundonians project

For my first blog’s post I decided to share with you my process about my biggest project I’ve done this year: The Dundonians.

But first, I would like to explain why I’m starting a blog even though I’m not a very talkative person and I don’t feel I’m very good in writing.

Most of the time people see my already finished illustrations and/or project but they don’t know what process there is behind, how many sketches have been done, how many mistakes happened etc..


So the main reason is to share all these hidden aspects of my work and hopefully you will find some inspiration too.


I would like also to have YOUR feedbacks, YOUR comments.

I want know more YOU.


Now more then ever is possible break the “illustrator solitude” by creating a lot more contacts on the web.


 Why The Dundonians project? 

I choose to start the blog with The Dundonians project because it was my biggest and important project of this year.

Biggest because even if it happened from December 2016 to February 2017 I was already thinking about it one year before. Important because it allowed me to meet a lot of people and also challenge myself.

What was The Dundonians about?

The Dundonians was part of a collective exhibition (DCA Thomson) organized by DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts) and in partnership with DC Thomson for the 80th anniversary of two  comics, “The Broons” and “Our Wallie”.

The Dundonians was inspired by my previous works about families’ pictures and the comic The Broons.


I wanted to find a way to involve people and create their own family pictures and/or memories.


In line with this idea, I’ve developed it to create the Dundee family. I painted one mural representing my childhood living room. People could take their “family portraits” in front of it and create their memories. There was an hashtag which was #WeAreDundonians to easily collect all the photos through social platforms. On the weekend from the 25th the the 27th of November 2016 we put a call for everyone who wanted to have a chance to be chosen and be represented on painted portrait done with my personal style.

With family I didn’t mean only the canonical family (father, mother and children) but it could have been a group of students that share the same flat, a community of a small neighbour, a group people that work together and so on..


The process…

When I first went to the DC Thomson archive I’ve been amazed by the amount of people working on different comics all together, like a big family. They really seemed to care and help each other.

The DC Thomson has a lot of comics, they are really a huge family.

DCA Thomson exhibition2

When I was there a drawing of The Beano’s comic arrived from the original comic artist and the staff let me smell it. (you red right, SMELL IT)

The designer draws strips in a relly small room while smoking a pipe. Therefore, the paper a smoky aroma.

I also loved The Broons comic which represent a big and hilarious Scottish family, always described as the “Scotland’s happy family”.


From there I understood that my main idea would be about Family.


But how?


This was the hardest part. How I could represent the concept of Family?

These were my first ideas:


  • Social meals: as you probably know family use to get together during meals (huge meals if we are talking about Italians families) so the first idea was to recreate this occasion with all the people in Dundee. They could have a placematt with the layout of a comic strip and they could have drawn the comic of the event.  I called them Social meals but they already exist. An Italian association, called Basso Profilo, organise these type of events along different streets where everyone bring something. In this way you have a chance to meet your neighbourhood  and try different cooking styles. What a great way to meet people huh?
  • Home city home: the second idea was to decorate different objects around the street of Dundee and make them like  furniture of a house. The city would have become the big home of the Dundee’s family.

DCA Thomson exhibition3


I had a lot of other ideas but none of these were supposed to exhibit inside the DCA gallery, which was the main thing!

So I decided that the DCA would be the big house for the people of Dundee and I re-create a mural representing a living room where everyone could do their family pictures.

I loves doing project which involve people.

DCA Thomson exhibition5

This has been my process for The Dundonians project, what about you? How many ideas do you have before come up with THE ONE? Please let me know in the comments!